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* <span class="plainlinks">[https://github.com/rebel1324/CityRP Sample CityRP Schema for Nutscript 1.1]</span>
* <span class="plainlinks">[https://github.com/rebel1324/CityRP Sample CityRP Schema for Nutscript 1.1]</span>
==== Developing Schema/Plugins for Nutscript 1.1 ====
If you want to develop your own Nutscript 1.1 schema, you should start with the <span class="plainlinks">[https://github.com/rebel1324/Sample-Schema-1.1 Sample Schema for Nutscript 1.1]</span> and check the wiki for any further documentation of functions and things that you may be able to use for your Schema.

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Welcome to Nutscript Developer Wiki!

Logo of Nutscript 1.1

NutScript is a free roleplay framework created by Chessnut and Black Tea for use in the game Garry's Mod. Prior to NutScript's creation, Clockwork and OpenAura were the two main roleplaying frameworks. Since it's release, Nutscript has been gaining popularity due to it's DRM-free schema creation, and open source code. Nutscript 1.1, a complete re-write of the framework, now continued the development by Co-creator of Nutscript, Black Tea.

Getting Started with Nutscript 1.1

This wiki's articles are written for the Server Owners or the Developers of the Schema/Plugin. If you want to ride on the Nutscript 1.1, check out the link below. This version of Nutscript 1.1 Framework is currently maintained by Black Tea za rebel1324. Nutscript 1.1 Github

Once you downloaded Nutscript 1.1 Framework, In order to run the server, You need to download or develop a schema for Nutscript 1.1. You can download your schema from links below: