Installing Nutscript

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To install NutScript 1.1, you must fulfill the next requirements:

  1. A Dedicated Server hosted in your own computer or using a Hosting Provider
  2. NutScript Framework 1.1
  3. A schema to run the framework such as ModernRP[1], CityRP[2] or HL2RP[3]
  4. PAC3[4]
  5. An Admin Management Addon, such as ULX or Moderator


  1. From the server's root folder (where the srcds executable is located), go to garrysmod/gamemodes and create a folder called nutscript in lowercase.
  2. Copy the framework files inside that folder. The folder structure should look like this.
  3. Create a folder in gamemodes, again, in lowercase, with the name of the schema you will use (ex: hl2rp) and copy the schema files inside that folder.
  4. Install the required addons in garrysmod/addons.
  5. In your server's startup command, your +gamemode should be the Schema you are using: +gamemode modernrp


  1. A modern life schema.
  2. A city life schema.
  3. A NutScript framework schema based off Half-Life 2.
  4. Gives you the ability to personalize your player model's look by placing objects and effects on yourself.