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    nut.char.create(data, callback)

This function creates new character in the database of the server. You can create new character with this function. It's role is very differ to


  • Table data
  • Function callback

Return Values[edit]

none. If you want to get the character class from the database, You need to go with the callback.

In the callback, database returns these data.

  • Table data
  • Integer charID


Will create a character named John, a description of 'Default description', and the first faction to be loaded by the server. The character ID will be printed to the console.

   name    = "John",
   desc    = "Default description",
   model   = "models/humans/group01/male_01.mdl",
   steamID = client:SteamID64(),
   faction = nut.faction.indices[1] and nut.faction.indices[1].uniqueID,
   money   = 50
   }, function(id) print("The character ID is " .. id) end)